OpenStack Swift for PCS HOWTO

OVH Public Cloud Storage (PCS) in based on Openstack storage technologies. Openstack provides its own open API for storage called Swift.

1. Get an OVH cloud account

To use PCS and Swift, you need first an OVH Cloud account.

If you want to subscribe to an OVH Cloud account you can get information here :

2. Create your first storage container

During the Beta period of PCS, each Cloud account will be created with one container by default.

To add extra containers, you need to connect to the Cloud RESTful API with your Cloud account.
Then you can create a new PCS container.

Once created, the function will return you a Swift point of connection.

3. Use directly Swift functions to perform your actions on the container

With the given point of connection, you can use all of the functions provided by the Swift API.

Learn more about Swift

You can get some precious information about Swift API use here : Swift overview & Swift storage and object functions.

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