What is OVH API ?

OVH API is a Web service allowing OVH customers to buy, manage, upgrade and configure OVH products without using the graphical customer interface (OVH manager).

Based on the "latest RESTful API", you will be able to manage, in the future, nearly anything in the OVH world by using simple API functions and small code samples developed in YOUR favorite language.

Which other existing OVH products are running OVH API ?

  • The new generation of OVH Managers (V6) is running based on OVH RESTful API ;
  • Every new OVH product / product version will propose this API to the public ;
  • Existing OVH product will also propose very soon an OVH RESTful API.

Can I use the API even If I have no development project ?

Yes, using the API explorer (console) you can browse the API to discover all available functions by OVH products.

You can also select a product and browse the dedicated API to discover related actions.

When you’re ready to use, just ask for a token on the top of the page (after your nic identification) and the "action" buttons will be runnable for YOUR products with exactly the same behavior as in your graphical manager.

What are the advantages of OVH API ?

  • A faster code development ;
  • The use of a simple and recognised standard (RESTful) ;
  • Can be used / integrated in many languages developments.

What can I develop with OVH API ?

With limited coding you can :

  • Perform several tasks at a time ;
  • Automatize current tasks ;
  • Scripting for mass actions / updates ;
  • Create your own Manager interface ;
  • Integrate IaaS layer management into SaaS / PaaS developments.

And many more. The only limit is your creativity :)

Which languages can I use ?

The restful API can be used with the following languages :

  • PHP ;
  • Perl ;
  • Python ;
  • C and C++;
  • C# ;
  • Ruby ;
  • Java.

And many more.

What is the API URL to include in my code ?

The URL to call the API from your scripts is : https://ca.api.ovh.com/1.0/

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